Radiant DOF 354ml


Radiant DOF 354ml

    • Radiant DOF 354ml
    • Capacity :354ml

    • Height :107mm

    • Carton Qty :12

    • Producer :Libbey

    Libbey is the glassware for professionals. It has been around since 1818 and has developed into an authentic brand with clear roots. That development process never ends; Libbey is constantly reinventing itself. Libbey feels very strongly about quality, as witnessed by its outstanding product guarantees. Also its design is distinctive, timeless and creative. And above all Libbey glassware is strong and lasts a particularly long time, even when used frequently. Worldwide, Libbey has established a solid reputation as the glassware for professionals. Professionals can spend an entire career trusting on them. Professionals choose Libbey. Libbey for Life!

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