Artwork guidelines

We can print basic or more complex designs and we work with you to ensure the best results.

We resize your logo and position it to meet your required pour guide or positioning specifications.

Logo Format:

For best results we recommend high resolution (Min 600dpi) artwork.

Formats accepted: psd, pdf, ai, or some png (if high res) files.

If you would like a specific size of logo, please let us know prior to the initial artwork proof. If you are wanting to recreate an existing artwork or already printed glass, we would need to know the exact width and height of the printed logo to be able to match it.

What to avoid:

  • No shading or multiple colours. We cannot use logos with shading or multiple colours - grayscale / black and white works best as we only print in one colour.
  • No fine lines. If your logo includes outlines or fine details make sure these are thick.
  • No images pulled from the internet. Please don’t pull images from the internet, they are usually of poor quality and may even be infringing copyright laws.
  • No unfinished artwork. If you have an idea of what you want but not a finished logo we cannot  create this for you. We only work with finished artwork.
  • No screenshot images. They are usually poor quality and will quite often pixelate.


If you want text on your glass but can’t make the artwork yourself, please specify which font you would like us to use and we may be able to create the artwork for you.

If the font is one that does not come standard in the Adobe or Microsoft packages, then you will need to send the OTF or TTF file for the font you would like us to use.

Ink Colours:

We use organic inks that are specifically manufactured for stress and chemical resistance during wash cycles. The Ink colour we use for the majority of printing we do is in Frosted White, which gives the logo an etched look.

If you would prefer a different colour please specify when sending your logo through so we can put this information on initial artwork proof.

We have a range of 11 colours to choose from as well as custom colours upon request for upfront cost. All prints are in one single colour as we screen print each glass by hand in one pass. Below are the colours we offer.