What is your minimum order for printing?

Our minimum order for printing on glassware purchased through us is 48 of any one glass or logo. If you are supplying the glass and just require printing, the minimum is 72 of any one glass or logo.


What happens if I receive my order and some glasses are broken?

If your order has been delivered with broken glasses please take a photo of the broken glasses in box and send to info@glasdec.com. We can then issue you a credit for the broken glasses


How long does the print last?

The logo should outlast the life of the glass in most cases. The print may fade over time but never completely come off.


Why are my glasses breaking so easily?

If you are breaking a lot of glasses please refer to our care guide. It all comes down to how the glasses are handled or whether they are the right glass for your venue. After reading our care guide if you feel the glass isn’t working for you please get in touch and we can look into a different glass to suit your needs.  


Do I have to pay a deposit?

No deposit is required. We will send you an invoice once glasses are printed and ready.

We just ask that you provide us with credit card details or do an EFT and send through remittance once the invoice is received (prior to dispatch).


What do I do if I've ordered the incorrect glass?

If you have accidently ordered the incorrect glass whether it be size or the type, please return to our factory or we can arrange pick up from you and we will swap this for the correct glass. Whatever the difference in price is we will either credit you for or charge you any additional cost.

If you’ve ordered the wrong decorated glass then we are unable to take these back unfortunately. We can’t remove a logo once it’s been fired onto the glass.


Can you brand glasses if I have purchased them somewhere else?

We can decorate supplied glasses whether it be Gabriel, Plumm, Riedel or bottles, however we will need to know a few things before we can take glasses for branding and the answer to these questions will determine the cost of decoration. Questions include: What glass is it? How many glasses do you have, have you got a minimum of 72 glasses? Are they free of any film or chemical coating? How do they come packaged?


Do you sell glasses without decoration?

Yes - we certainly do, every glass on our website is available without decoration.


What is your lead time if I place an order today?

If you place an order today your glasses will be ready within 5-10 business day.