Care guide

Here is a few tips on how to care for your glassware and decoration.


Thermal Shock

Thermal shock can occur when glassware is subjected to extreme temperatures.

Transitioning from one temperature to another puts a stress on the glass and may cause it to crack or break.

To prevent thermal shock allow glassware to come to room temperature and don’t use directly from the glasswasher. Avoid putting cool liquids or ice in warm glasses.

We recommend you have enough stock on hand to allow for the glassware from the glasswasher to cool before use.


Mechanical Shock

Mechanical shock in glassware is the direct result of contact with another glass or other items such as an ice scoop or bottle when pouring.

This contact can cause a minor abrasion, invisible to the eye, but a source of weakness in the glass that makes it more susceptible to breakage from impact or thermal shock.


Washing glasses

Remove damaged glassware from service to prevent it breaking in the glasswasher.

Check the temperature of glasswasher water and clean the filters, helix, and pipes regularly to avoid breakage during the wash cycle.

Place glasses in compartment glass washing baskets so they do not touch to avoid breakages, and to avoid the decoration rubbing against other glasses. Always use a non-abrasive cleaner and allow glasses time to cool before handling them.

Hold stemware by the stem (not the foot) and avoid twisting the base and the bowl in opposite directions when polishing.


Service & Storage

Store glasses in racks or boxes with compartments.

Only stack glasses that are designed to be stacked. 

Avoid allowing the bottle to touch the rim when pouring.

When serving ice do not allow the scoop to connect with the rim of glass. Do not use the glass to scoop ice.

Never let a glass touch the tap or dispenser when pouring beverages. Never let a glass touch the tap or dispenser when pouring beverages.

If you are taking care of your glasses as advised and there is still a lot of breakages, then consider changing glasses to something more suitable for your specific type of venue and the way you use them. One of our team members will be happy to consult with you about more suitable options.